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How To Use KuaiBoard 

Understanding the purpose will help. It’s for posting or sending message or comment clips in one tap. So if there are things you say or anything you use a lot like links, quotes, symbols like the ¢ or ⓒ and etc you can do it on a tap. Here’s a link I use. I do it in one tap.

Assistive Touch

Or a tip:

ID Sharing

My Wife and I share the same iTunes ID. That way we share purchases. The ID is mine. But she has her own iCloud, iMessage and Facetime ID’s. No issues this way. 

Let’s look at the keyboard itself.

This is my set up. 

Tap on General and get these:

So I tap on one and get this:

The whole paragraph in one tap.
You can use addresses, account numbers, and many other things. 

Here’s in the App.

Categories list:

Tap on General and get this:

To add a new clip, tap the blue bar at the bottom.

To add a new Category, tap the + at the bottom of the list.

Then enter the Category title.

That’s pretty much it. Play with it and you’ll get it set up. Decide what Categories you want.